Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My First Blog Haul! Sephora + Ulta

Very excited to blog my first haul with you guys!

 These tiny boxes contained some exciting stuff! A lot of new-to-me beauty products! Let's start!

  1. Tarte Golden Opportunity Tarte-To-Go Kit, Sephora, $10
    I bought this adorable set mainly for the bronzer, that mini self tanner is just a great bonus! I received my original deluxe sample of Tarte's Park Avenue Princess bronzer as Sephora perk, and I fell in love. In all honestly, its not huge, but I haven't even made dent in it yet. Now that I have two, I know this will last me MONTHS. I haven't tried the self tanner, but stay tuned! Also- any good recommendations on a good contour brush for my bronzer?
  2. Tarte EmphaEYES Waterproof Clay Eyeliner, Ulta, $24
    Gel/cream eyeliner is a new territory for me. I've been using liquid pen liners for years, but I'm ready to try something different! This had great reviews, so we'll see how it works! Bonus, came with a double ended brush, so kudos for not having to spend more!

  3. Wet Brush Detangling Hair Brush, Ulta, $8.99
    I've been in need for a brush replacement for a while, but I wasn't ready to take the DryBar plunge just yet. This beauty was 1/2 the price, so I've really excited to see how it works out!
  4. Anatasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, Ulta, $18
    Another new territory. I just started filling in my brows (definitely not a daily thing) in the last few months. I've been using pencil sticks, but I think I'm ready for the next level. ABH makes the BEST products out there for brows, so even though this was just released for 2014, I'm confident its going to be a winner!
  5. Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter, Ulta, $7.99
    I orginally was hoping to snag one of NYX's new butter lipsticks, but they were flying out of stock too quick for my patience. I snagged one of these instead, so we'll see how they stack up. Bonus: They are paraben free! Who knew, but great job, Revlon!
  6. Sephora Universal Lip Liner, Sephora, $10
    I've had my eyes out for a clear lip liner, but I wasn't really ready to dish out the big bucks for one just yet. I've had my eyes on this one, but its been out of stock FOREVER, I'm talking MONTHS. It finally popped up in stock the other night and I jumped on it- thankfully it inspired the order to create this haul!
  7. Sephora Super Nourishing Lip Balm, Sephora, $5
    I will admit, my only reason for this purchase was to hit a $25 order to collect on a sweet promo code. I have super high hopes that this will be comparable to the lip balms by Fresh, but those are high standards!
  8. Riviera Hair Clips, Ulta, $10
    I'll be honest, I bought these because my two favorite hair clips have been missing for weeks. The day before these two arrived, my hubby pulled both out of the couch. How does this happen?
  9. This is a from a Promo Sephora was running- I've been waiting to try St. Tropez self tanner, so I added on this promo. This stuff can be pricey, so I'll try it for free anyday! ;)
  10. This itty bitty little thing is a self tanning mitt that was included with the St. Tropez self tanner. What's so great about this was I expected a full size mitt, silly me...
  11. A Sephora 100 Point Perk I excitedly cashed in! Ole Henriksen Truth Serum is part of my skin care routine that I started in December, and I am so in love. Thanks to my mama for introducing me to this brand! I plan on giving this product its very own post soon!
Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for reviews and swatches!

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  1. Hopefully you will love the Wet Brush. I use it on my clients as a stylist!